Los Angeles County
Department of Public Heath

The crew prides itself on maintaining a clean and organized truck that could receive a restaurant quality “Grade A” any day. We are constant with compliance; precise with permits; on the level with licenses; and in synch with the ordinances known to the catering world. Basically we are current with our permits, licenses, and certifications. All of this fuss to protect the health of our clients and the integrity and the finances of our own business. During a motion picture shoot, the crew becomes a family and we do everything we can to provide the cleanest and most organized trucks for our “family” on every production.


There are plenty of reasons why Chef Robért Catering has such a good working relationship with the health inspector, in addition to what’s just been mentioned. For instance, the company operates its own 60,000 square foot commissary, with a new dishwashing facility; complete with a massive 5,000 gallon, three-tier clarifier and 5,000, three-tier interceptor that eliminates any chance of fat, oil, or grease (FOG) escaping into the city sewer system.


Similar to the team members, every truck in the Chef Robért Catering fleet is continually kept up-to-date with the latest laws. In November, a mammoth 26-foot 2016 customized model will join the fleet, and it will receive thorough treatment – no different than any of our other mobile meal marvels. And while each assignment consists of at least one team member who is a fully trained Certified Food Handler, each truck is kept in top operational form. The trucks are also equipped with three-way sinks, surpassing sanitation standards. Like an oil change, the trucks’ generators get serviced in 3,000-mile increments. Also, take comfort in knowing that all the Chef Robért Catering vehicles possess the most recent permits from the Health Department. Best of all, in contrast to a few rolling relics out there, all of our trucks are fit to cater for the most extravagant parties in Hollywood.

Rest assured that these are but a few facets of Chef Robért Catering's regimented rules that remain firmly in place, with only one primary purpose in mind:

To always comply with the standards set  by the local, state, and federal agencies.